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1.2 Support. We will provide you, at no additional cost, with applicable standard customer support for the Services, as described on the Website and Documentation, and updated support if purchased. 13.1 Each party represents and warrants to the other that this Agreement has been properly executed and delivered and that it is a valid and binding agreement applicable to that Party, in accordance with its terms; (b) the authorization or authorization of third parties is not required in connection with the performance, delivery or performance of this Agreement by that Party; and (c) the performance, supply and performance of the contract is not contrary to the terms of another agreement to which it is a party or to which it is bound by other means. We have updated our framework contract. If you are a new subscriber, this framework subscription agreement will come into effect on June 2, 2020 in effect. If you are an existing subscriber, we will notify you in advance of these changes that will take effect on July 2, 2020. For the previous version of our Framework Subscription Agreement, please click here. If you are an older Zendesk Sell or Smooch customer, please contact your customer manager to obtain an earlier version of your contract. For a PDF version of this framework subscription agreement, click here. If you purchase a subscription to a Zendesk-operated service from an independent third party that has the right to sell such subscriptions under a separate agreement with Zendesk, the terms of that Master Subscription Agreement are null and void, and the terms governing your access to and use of the Service are available here. “Additional Feature(s)” means additional features or functionality (including, but not limited to, Built by Zendesk Marketplace Apps, Zendesk Labs Apps, Early Access Programs, or Beta Services) that are available or enabled by the Service, but are not part of the Service.

Additional features also include third-party services purchased and/or subscribed through an order form, which are identified as resold by Zendesk and are governed by that third party`s alternative agreement. Additional features are purchased or activated separately and unambiguously from your service plan and related services provided. “Additional Terms” means the additional terms set forth (a) below in this Agreement in the sections entitled “Additional Terms”; (b) in an order form via a hyperlink or other references (for example: when an associated service provided is acquired; (c) applicable to the consulting services when you purchase them; (d) apply to additional features if you enable them; and (e) Zendesk`s specific terms of service. “usage fees” means additional subscription fees incurred by the Subscriber in connection with the use of certain features and functionality that the Subscriber activates within the Service. “Beta Services” means a product, service or feature provided by Zendesk, which may be provided to you for testing at your option, at no additional cost, clearly identified as beta, pilot, limited version, non-production, early access, evaluation or similar description. 12.1 Each party retains all right, title and interest in and to intellectual property rights. The rights granted to you, representatives, and end users under this Services User Agreement do not confer any additional rights in Zendesk`s services or intellectual property rights. . . .

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