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Want to learn more about how you want to make your research open? Read everything you need to know about the release of Open Access with Taylor and Francis. Authors associated with the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and the Beijing Union Medical College (PUMC) can now publish open access in Taylor and Francis magazines at a discounted price. This agreement includes articles published in open access magazines, including Cogent OA, as well as authors who wish to do their articles in Open Select (hybrid) open access titles. The offer is also available for researchers who wish to convert previously published articles to open access at a later date. Authors associated with a University of California campus, including the Berkeley Lab, are entitled to a discount on the standard APC to open their access to the paper in each Journal Taylor -Francis, Routledge or Cogent OA. Learn more about the California Digital Library Agreement and how it works. We offer this license on our full open and the majority of Open Select hybrid magazines (when released on an open access gold basis). Understanding your copyright options as an author is becoming more and more important, especially with the growth of open access publishing. Our copying policy is that a third party is free to create a copy of an article for private study or research purposes, without the permission of Taylor-Francis or the author. While Taylor-Francis strongly recommends that authors transfer copyright, this is not necessarily a condition of publication. An author may retain copyright on his or her paper, but we must receive a signed formal declaration that allows us to publish the work in the journal exclusively, worldwide and in all its forms. No no. Some “moral rights” were granted to authors in 1988 by the United Kingdom Copyright Designs and Patents Act.

In the United Kingdom, an author`s “right of paternity” and the right of credit, when the work is published (or recorded or disseminated), requires that this right be invoked in writing. When copyright is awarded, an author does not lose his or her other property rights. If you work for the World Health Organization (WHO) or the World Bank, they retain copyright in the article and the authors negotiate to determine whether exclusive rights are granted or not. More and more magazines are now published in an electronic or digital edition. In addition to publishing an article in conventional print form, the transfer of copyright by an author also implies the author`s consent to electronic or digital publication and/or storage. The Journal may also encourage an author to include an article in electronic or digital document delivery services and databases. Authors with primary affiliation in one of the EIFL countries in Europe, Africa and Asia may be entitled to a 100% or 50% discount on the normal CPA. For more information, including the list of participating countries and magazines, visit our EIFL page. The Friedrich Althoff Consortium (FAK), the Regional Consortium for Berlin and Brandenburg, offers participating institutions an updated API allocation for all Taylor – Francis Open Select (Hybrid) magazines.

Author: Franck Pertegas

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