Caiso Scheduling Coordinator Agreement

When an appointment coordinator request and fee are accepted, a qualified certification specialist provides a list of requirement cheques and assists the applicant in the certification process. For support, please send an email agreements are approved pro forma, FERC. The fact sheets provide ISO with specific information for each agreement. Agreements comply with SC requirements and standards. Please provide the necessary information to initiate certification, meter service and network connectivity agreements at an early stage of the process. Buyer or Third Party SC shall fulfill all obligations as Seller`s Planning Coordinator in accordance with the CAISO Tariff and carry out all planning in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, the CAISO Tariff and all EIRP requirements (if any). Before submitting an application and fee for a planning coordinator, please refer to the California Iso Tariff and these recommended practices:• California ISO Tariff:• Responsibilities of a Scheduling Coordinator, Section 4.5• Solvency, Section 12• Pro Forma Agreements – Scheduling Coordinator Agreement, Appendix B.1Business Practice Manuals:• Scheduling Coordinator Certification and Termination • Credit Management and Market Clearing The SQMD Plan, After CAISO`s approval, information relating to the equipment, processes, testing and maintenance of the companies, which ensures that the SQMD provided by the CAISO is accurate and correct. In particular, the SQMD plan requires the participant to provide information on market resources, a description of meter processing, audit and test plans, and details of measuring instruments. Unique for Deand Response resources, a similar plan – a demand response model – is used to document the method of basic and performance metrics.

Use Trimark`s CAISO Revenue Metering expertise for you If buyer designates a third-party SC, buyer must notify seller of such designation at least ten (10) business days prior to the completion of the planning coordinator`s duties by the third-party SC, and Seller has the right to rely on such designation until it is revoked or a new third-party SC is appointed by buyer after similar notice. Among the companies CAISO will consider, there may be SCMEs, including new load units, participating generators, load response resources, Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) participants, and Community Choice Aggregations (CCAs). A SCME is responsible for the acquisition, processing and transmission of its SQMD (SQMD) directly to the CAISO for market management. To ensure the quality and integrity of the submitted SQMD, CAISO needs an SQMD plan. SABP 2.2.6 Accounts of Participating SCs and TOs Each Planning Coordinator and each Participating TO establish a settlement account with a commercial bank in the United States that is reasonably acceptable to ISO and that can make funds transfers through Fed hosts, where payments to and from the ISO Settlement Account must be made in accordance with this Protocol. The BPM for Credit Management and Market Clearing describes the credit-related policies and processes used to protect the financial integrity and efficiency of ISO markets. To start participating in CAISO, you must submit a CAISO SQ® plan for approval. Delays in the approval process can affect your launch date.

Trimark`s services do not stop at the filing of the SQMD plan. MeCs requirements also include annual and semi-annual audits and audits. Trimark can help you manage these audits, as we have successfully completed audits for SCs to meet their CAISO pricing requirements. The buyer must plan or organize with his transport suppliers services provided by the planning coordinator to obtain the product at the place of delivery. California ISO is monitoring COVID-19 developments and taking proactive measures to protect employees, customers, the municipality and the power grid. . . .

Author: Franck Pertegas

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