Client Referral Fee Agreement

Affiliate understands that corporate clients pay the company in accordance with the contracts entered into by the company and these customers. In consideration for a promoted customer, the Affiliate is entitled to [NUMBER] percentage of the initial contract value that was signed to the Affiliate within [NUMBER] days of the performance of the initial contract by the company and the company`s customers, if any, after the Affiliate`s recommendation. The Company has the right at any time, it is, now or consecutively, that the Affiliate owes to the Company with sums that will then be due or paid to the Affiliate under this Agreement. In a future article, I`ll look at how you can create recommendation partnerships – including finding your ideal convergences, bringing them closer to the ability to recommend, and managing relationships. Subscribe to my newsletter for agency heads to make sure you don`t miss the upcoming update. This model is designed for a use in which the customer does not have a particular customer in mind, but is simply trying to attract new customers and expand their customer base or sell it in a new market. If you need an agreement designed for the situation in which the supplier is addressing a particular customer or type of customer, you should use one of the introductory agreements. They don`t have to offer referral fees, but for most agencies, this tends to reduce referrals because people don`t have an additional incentive to make introductions. Your lawyer can advise you on how to handle this.

Maybe you can give the customer company (instead of the person) a discount, send them a permanent item up to a certain value, or send a consumer item that they can share with their colleagues. And in other situations, you can limit yourself to sending them a thank you note. If you want to pay a 0% referral fee – because you don`t like referral fees or because you want a substantive agreement with another company – that`s okay. Many agencies do not pay a referral fee; In this case, the referendaries will receive a thank you note and perhaps a token item of face value (for example.B. a gift card worth $50). 2. Recommendation Agreement. On the effective date of this Agreement, the Partner may, from time to time, refer customers/potential customers to the Company. The company pays the affiliate a fee for these recommendations. B.

Both parties wish to enter into this agreement, under which the Company pays the Affiliate a fee (as described below) for each customer of the entity referred by the Affiliate to the Entity, subject to the terms set forth in this Agreement; Why current and former customers? Because they have already experienced my help and are therefore particularly qualified to recommend new customers. It`s also part of my boutique customer experience – it confirms that my customers are special, and it also makes them a hero for the speaker, as the knowledge of the speaker saved them $500. You can process recommendations “not as a percentage,” including lump sum fees, gift cards, and other rewards. This proposal and the Commission`s agreement are less detailed than the other agreements in this sub-dossier. So you can use one of the other documents in this subfolder. Talk about money at an early stage, even if the initial recommendation would or would not be eligible. Maybe you`d like to put them under contract before they make their introduction, but it`s worth an explosive conversation first. A referral fee agreement is entered into between an affiliate who “passes” sales or services for compensation to a company. Fees paid to the Affiliate are usually a percentage (%) of the total sale or a flat fee per transaction….

Author: Franck Pertegas

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