Gsma Roaming Agreement

The revenue generated by international mobile roaming gives operators the opportunity to invest in other mobile phone services and extend mobile broadband to the underserved – and thus reap the benefits of mobile telephony for everyone and everything. Apart from you who are the originator of the call abroad and the phone user you call at home, in addition to the international providers of transit services, we have the 2 telecommunications companies or network operators in both countries. In order to be able to connect to a visited network and make your call, it is necessary to conclude a roaming agreement between the visited network and the home network. At RoamSmart, we are here to facilitate this whole process for all stakeholders. We help telecommunications companies digitally transform their roaming and wholesale businesses and offer them quality services to meet their specific roaming needs. Our solutions help optimize work processes and monetize roaming data available from different sources. In short, we help create win-win partnerships for all parties involved and, most importantly, ensure end customer satisfaction. Mobile operators, which have a strong regional presence, are increasingly offering region-wide roaming rates, similar to those of national tariffs. In Europe, the Middle East and Africa, for example, mobile operators are encouraging their customers to teleport abroad instead of acquiring local SIMs. This approach is becoming more and more frequent and shows competitive approaches in regions around the world. Today, there are many substitutes for roaming services, which are evolving and continuing to grow. For example, Wi-Fi has developed as a powerful substitute for a growing number of customers and operators in domestic and roaming markets.

This is due to the rapid growth in demand and congestion of mobile networks in some regions. Manufacturers and service providers have accepted strong pressure to increase the availability and penetration of wi-fi mobile components. Today, all major smartphone manufacturers have Wi-Fi features in their mobile phone wallets, which allows consumers to use Wi-Fi hotspots in Switzerland and abroad. Consumers in the Asia-Pacific region are also using roaming substitutes.

Author: Franck Pertegas

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