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In practice, this means that IG now derives prices from both the LSE and the MTF in order to offer customers the best available price and liquidity. Without the ability to interact with multilateral trading platforms, stock traders “could not see the full range of prices offered and therefore put themselves at a direct disadvantage.” L2 Dealer will now immediately browse all available purses to find the best prices. On your L2 screen, you can display them in a hybrid format, with the best prices of all available exchanges listed in a single order book. You can also consult the order books for all available exchanges. The availability of multilateral trading systems also offers a backup service if the main price of the LSE decreases and traders know how important it is to be able to act at any time. Opening a live account is free and clients can start trading after making a minimum deposit of $/£300 or equivalent. It is the Direct Market Access platform, available as both a web and desktop application allowing customers to place orders directly on stock markets around the world. PureDMA is great because it allows you to check the depth of the market, access live order book prices on multiple market exchanges, and execute trades based on these stock market buy and sell prices. Access to Level 2 means you can measure the direction of the market by comparing the queues of buy and sell orders. The spread is virtually the same between their DMA and OTC offerings. PureDMA offers better price transparency than the Market Maker platform and allows you to be a price manufacturer unlike a buyer (as with its PureDeal OTC product).

Not only can you place orders directly in the order book by bypassing brokers and market makers, but you can also check the history of the day – the ups and downs of the day compared to the current price and DMA also allows you to participate in the opening and closing auctions. IG customers have access to more than 16,000 markets worldwide. The four products offered by IG are: Mobile commerce is also available with IG, which supports both iPhone and iPad with bespoke apps. IG Markets clients have access to DMA trading both through the online platform and through the iPhone app. In particular, IG`s iPhone CFD app offers clients the ability to directly access an aggregated order book formed from the primary stock exchange and major alternative execution sites – a fairly unique service that I couldn`t find anywhere else. You also have a Blackberry app and an app for Android devices. In June 2011, it was reported that nearly 14% of all activities launched by IG had been carried out with mobile devices; about 30% of IG`s active clients use mobile devices to place some of their trades; and more than 10% of account requests were submitted with mobile devices. IG Markets is now considered the largest CFD provider in Australia. Tamas Szabo, Chief Executive Officer of IG Markets in Australia, confirmed that the selection of trading and research tools, the reliability of the platform and the 24-hour service, as well as a strong focus on transparency and protecting clients` money have contributed to their high-end ranking. . .


Author: Franck Pertegas

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