On Attaining The Age Of Majority A Minor`s Agreement Mcq

79. At the age of co-intercessation, an agreement on minors 124. The responsibility of a minor for the “necessities” was to him 80. If the agreement is obtained by undue influence, the agreement is a 122. In the case of illegal agreements, the ancillary agreements are 126. An agreement is inconclusive if it is contrary to public policy. Which of the following topics is not covered by public order chiefs. What types of agreements are NOT excluded from the operation of s 1 (1)? What are the following statements that apply to a minor`s contractual capacity? Which of the following is not a form of contractual formality? In addition to the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, the Act provides for other exceptions or means of circumventing the teaching of privity. Which of the following statements is false? Answer the following questions, then tap “Send” to get your score.

74. In the event of a sale, the seller is implicitly assumed to be 71 years old. S and P go to a store, S tells the trader, C let P have the merchandise and if he doesn`t pay you, I`ll “This is a 75. In the event of an illegitimate dishonor of a cheque by a banker who has money on the client`s property, the court may give 125. If the agreement of a party is obtained by fraud, the contract is 128. What corrective measures can be made available to the victim in the event of a breach of contract? What types of contracts should not be entered into in writing? 129. A agrees to pay 1.00,000 Rs to B if he takes a star from the sky. It is a quota agreement and 130. With respect to the above question, the notification of the adoption against A on 28 Dec.1998 and against B is complete.

What does the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 say? A, B and C have jointly pledged 6,000 D. to D. Before the contract is executed, C dies. Here, the treaty; . 73. If a sale is made by samples and description, the implied condition is that the goods must be consistent.

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