Samsung Internet Agreement

If you use SERVICE or send emails to Samsung, you communicate electronically. You agree to receive messages from Samsung electronically via email or text message. You agree that all agreements, communications, disclosures and other communications that Samsung makes available to you electronically meet all legal requirements. In relation to your use of SERVICES, Samsung can send you SERVICE announcements, administrative messages and other information. 1.1 These Terms of Use are a binding agreement between you and Samsung and govern your use of the service and all the features and features it describes. The service is licensed, not sold to you. Download “Package disable” from Google playstore, open it and scroll down to find “Internet” disable, it automatically disappears from your app drawer. You don`t need root access. 11.2 Arbitration. By using the service, you accept unconditionally and accept that: (i) any claim, dispute or controversy (whether it is a contract, unauthorized or otherwise) you may object to a Samsung unit, the executives, directors, agents and employees of a Samsung unit (the Samsung entity) that derive from the service or in any way with the service or the determination of the scope or applicability of this clause be resolved exclusively by a final and binding arbitration procedure managed by JAMS and performed before a single arbitrator in accordance with the rules of JAMs; (ii) this clause is made on the basis of an intergovernmental trade transaction and is subject to the Federal Arbitration Act (“FAA”), 9 U.S.C iii) arbitration takes place in New York, New York; (iv) the arbitrator`s decision is controlled by the terms and conditions of use and all other agreements referred to, which you have agreed in relation to the service; (v) the arbitrator will apply the New York law, which complies with the FAA and applicable statute of limitations, and will take into account the rights to privileges recognized by law; (vi) there is no power for claims processed on a class or on a representative basis, arbitration procedures can only decide your rights and/or individual claims of the Samsung entity concerned; The arbitrator does not consolidate or associate the claims of other persons or parties in a similar situation; and you will not bring or participate in a class action against us; (vii) the arbitrator does not have the power to inflict punitive damages on you or a Samsung unit; (viii) in the event that the administrative fees and deposits that must be paid to initiate arbitration proceedings against a Samsung unit exceed one hundred and twenty-five dollars ($125) and you are unable (or not required by JAMS rules) to pay fees and deposits in excess of that amount, Samsung agrees to pay them and/or pass them on on your behalf, subject to the final award by the arbitrator.

Author: Franck Pertegas

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