State Support Agreement Nhai

However, the substitution agreements do not specify how such a substitution is applied to other agreements concluded by the concessionaire, such as the state aid agreement and the NHAI fiduciary agreement. While the innovation agreement relating to the NHAI Fiduciary Agreement (at NHAI, the fiduciary intermediary (designated by the lenders) and the dealer are generally the parties) could be implemented at the same time as the implementation of the ca innovation agreement, substitution agreements and certification bodies do not specify that NHAI will ensure that the state aid agreement is also renewed by the relevant state government at the same time as the reorganization of the Board. (iii) to carry out such a transfer of interests, Lenders should require dealer promoters/shareholders to complete a share guarantee, i.e. 100% of the dealer`s or non-ceding company`s share capital, at the same time as the implementation of project financing agreements; The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) will severely attack state governments that build competing free infrastructure parallel to national toll highways, which is reinforced by a recent Supreme Court ruling in a case involving the Delhi metro. In addition to the CA and the dealer`s financing documents, lenders must also ensure the continuity of other contractual agreements of the dealer, such as engineering, acquisition and construction agreements (“EPC”), operations and maintenance (“O-M”) and toll agreements (if applicable). The lenders` candidate may have the following options, (i) take over existing contracts for which innovation contracts are to be executed; or (ii) enter into new agreements with existing contractors; (iii) to appoint new contractors of their choice. “Twenty-four states and EU states, including the state of Maharashtra and Orissa, have signed the State Assistance Agreement (SSA) with NHAI until today,” Road Transport and Highways Minister Kamal Nath told the House of Lords. Under various public-private partnership (PPP) models for the acquisition of infrastructure in different sectors, the development of a project is granted in the form of a concession. At the time of award, a concession contract (“CA”) is entered into between the dealer authority and the dealer, with the dealer obtaining certain rights and obligations with respect to the value of the infrastructure, but not full ownership of the asset.

Author: Franck Pertegas

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