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8 session 1: WTO Trade Trade Facilitation NegotiationsTF Measures Transparency and Appeals Publication/internet publication Enquiry Information Opportunity to how Consultations Advance rulings Right of appeal Transit Restrictions on fees and Use of guarantee Import/Export/Transit Fees – Formalities Disciplines on fees Pre-arrival processing Risk management clearance Publish average times Authorized Agency Border Cooperation formalisation and documents Separate release of customs cooperation 2.The related agreements and related legal instruments in Schedules 1, 2 and 3 (`multilateral`) are included below. 12 Special and differentiated treatment for developing and least developed countries Meeting 1: WTO Trade Facilitation Negotiations Special and Differentiated Treatment for Developing Countries and LDCs Implementation of a Capacity Agreement. For developing countries: the implementation of members` implementation capacity will decide when they can implement any trade facilitation measures. Conclusion: Final provisions General questions on the whole or many provisions provide additional details on the implementation and relationship with the 1994 GATT, for example: “Reservations cannot be registered with respect to any of the provisions of the agreement without the agreement of the other members.” 4th Session: WTO Trade Facilitation NegotiationsWhy does the TF at the WTO? Compelling commitments of trading partners (160 Member States) Application by dispute settlement apply to all border authorities WORLD MEETING OF CUSTOMS LAW BRUSSELS , September “Studies on the harmonization of customs legislation and contributions of the Academy to the update and . . . . 11 Special and Differential Treatment (SDT)Session 1: WTO Trade Facilitation Negotiations Special and Differential Treatment (SDT) Section II of the Agreement applies only to developing countries (including LDCs) when it can implement any provision relating to intellectual property rights, services and trade facilitation CARSTEN FINK African/LDCs Ambassadors Seminar on Post-Hong Kong 17th Session 1: WTO Negotiations on Trade Facilitation, Flexibility Reduction and Support Section II Article 17: “Early Warning System” – Requests for Extension of Implementation Delays of Category B and C Article 18: In the absence of Category C Implementation Capabilities , the panel makes recommendations to the Committee (last measure) Article 19: displacement between categories B and C Article 20: Grace period – countries waive the application of WTO dispute settlement. Article 21: Providing assistance and assistance to TACBs.

__________ . . 22nd Session 1: WTO Trade Facilitation Negotiations 1: Trade Facilitation Negotiations WTO Trade Facilitation: Economic Benefits Dr. Carol Cosgrove-Sacks Director, Trade United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (EEC-UN) CTIED, 26 May 2005. . . 7 Trade Facilitation Agreement Section I: 12 Article of Technical Measures Section II: Special and Differentiated Treatment Provisions (SDT) for Developing Countries Section III: Institutional Agreements and Final Provisions WT/L/931 THE WTO TRADE TRADE AGREEMENT.

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