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In other segments, including semiconductor equipment and EDA-IP, China is still far behind. Although AMEC has developed tools used in many smelters, AMEC is still a small reader (approximately #20) among all semiconductor OEMs ranked by turnover. And size is important. To remain competitive in the semiconductor industry, companies need to invest in research and development, and companies with higher turnover can invest more in new technology developments and innovations. The extension of the semiconductor chip agreement is a recipe for weakening another U.S. industry by making it less competitive by dependence on trade defense, thereby undermining America`s competitive position in the international economy. Therefore, George Bush should not renew the agreement on semiconductor chips. For this analysis of the global semiconductor value chain, I identified 201 companies: 100 from China, 59 from the rest of the world and 42 from the United States. 121 of these companies are listed, which allowed me to obtain their sales data and research and development expenses from their management reports. The management report used is the report for the year ended December 31, 2019 or earlier, with the exception of Aixtron, Goodix, JCET, PowerChip, Tower Semiconductor (December 31, 18), Ambarella (January 31, 20) Marvel and Marvell (Feb. 1). Some large companies operating in the global semiconductor value chain are excluded from data analysis because they do not report financial data for their semiconductor activities or because their data were not specific enough to be included in this analysis.

B, like Apple (US, DES), Baidu (CN, DES), Bosch (DE, DES Canon), Bosch (DE, DES Canon) and Nikon (JP, EQP). Another Chinese state-owned company (SOE), which is very active in the semiconductor industry, is the China Electronics Corporation (CEC). CEC`s companies include fabless Anlogic, CE Huada Tech, Huada Semiconductor, Microne, Phytium Technology, Shanghai Belling, Solantro (a Canadian company acquired in 2018 and now known as the Huada Semiconductor North American Research Centre) and Solomon Systech; GTA Semiconductor Foundry; OSAT Chipadavanced. CE Huada Tech, Shanghai Belling and Solomon Systech are publicly traded companies.

Author: Franck Pertegas

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