Video Agreement For Short Audiovisual Contribution (Non-Film And Non-Tv)

The EU`s financial contribution may not exceed 50% of the total eligible costs of the action. We also assume that the songwriter manages his own compositions and is not represented by or related to a music publishing house (such as Harry Fox). As mentioned in the document below, it is possible that another entity owns one or more of the copyrights that are involved in a music licensing agreement, and in this case you must ensure that the appropriate entities are involved. You can continue to use the information in this kit to guide you, but you may need to use a specific agreement provided by the music publisher, record label, etc. A special thank you goes to lawyer Richard Stim for the editorial comments and contributions to this kit. Ok, now let`s talk about getting permission. From a legal point of view, the authorization is called a licence. The terms are almost interchangeable in the sense, but when we talk about the actual legal agreement, we will use the term “licence.” Instead of an “authorization agreement,” we use the term “licensing agreement,” or abbreviated “license.” Distributors of feature films and CD/DVD with an NCB agreement Below, we offer a simple and simple license to master and synchronize, which covers the use of a song in a film, webcast or other audiovisual works. It can be used either by the filmmaker or by the musician. The sections you can fill out are marked in green text. Or click here for a Word version in .docx format that is more user-friendly. So let`s sum it up: if a filmmaker wants to use a specific recording of a song for his film, the filmmaker would make two agreements: a license to sync with the songwriter and a master`s license with the record holder. Below is an optimized Master/Sync license model.

Anyone who has ever made a video or movie knows that music can have a big influence on the final product. This applies to almost all types of video, from a narrating thriller to an industrial training video to a TELEVISION commercial: music sets the tone, turns on viewers and can sometimes make or break a video project. The information and agreement model of this Licensing Kit is intended to help filmmakers and musicians reach an agreement on the inclusion of a song in a film or video.

Author: Franck Pertegas

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